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Virginie Gervasoni: Lead Singer

The birth of Dakota is above all the musical encounter between Virginie and Jocelyn.

Jocelyn Pellegrini: Drummer

Collaborating on a common project was a natural thing to do. They wrote more than thirty compositions mixing their different influences of country, rockabilly and 50's style music. By February 2016, they started looking for musicians to complement their duet and welcomed Maxime on the Electric guitar and backing vocals, Alexandre on the acoustic guitar and Louis on the Double bass. Finally Veronique arrived on the backing vocals to complete the band.Together, they work on arrangements and bring their influences and ideas.

The Dakota R'nCP Vintage brand characterised by its Rockabilly and Country Pop Vintage, was registered in July 2016

Véronique Natali: Vocals

Maxime Bernard: Electric Guitar/ Vocals

Alexandre Demolliens: Accoutic Guitar

Louis Menard: Double Bass

A word from Virginie and Jocelyn: "When we write a melody and a text, we tell a story, our story, through our own eyes but also through the eyes of those who cross our path. Our melodies are our guts, our texts, our experiences, and also yours. In this adventure we are two, a man with all his strength and tenderness and a woman with all her doubts and questions. Our musicians, Maxime, Alexandre, Louis and our singer Veronique, joined us and together we formed DAKOTA. They bring us their musical influences which brings even more colours to our compositions. We could not fit into a specific style so we decided to create one, The R'nCP Vintage. This music, it is our souls who express themselves, and if it speaks to you it is that one could have touched yours!We recorded our first album in a Vintage studio "Electrophonics Recording" in the pure style and sound of the 50s and in the same tradition, that is to say in "Live" no fuss no superflues just musicians and voices! Given our retro style, we also pressed vinyls because what is more authentic!"

Welcome to our world!!

Virginie and Jocelyn